On 30 March 2017, it was mentioned that trees have been placed on the outside and waiting to be shifted in. However, it may be that these trees could be placed on the outside permanently, instead of being inside the Retail Store.

If it is placed outside, it can help bring shade during sunset and could further enhance Singapore’s concept of a Garden City.

Why is it placed outside permanently and not temporarily?

It is likely that it will be placed outside permanently as the arrangements of the trees are rather in order and not just placed temporarily in an anyhow order. As such, from the previous post, one of the trees was covered in plastic, which could state was just placed at the position.

If these trees were to be shifted in, it would be placed at the back of the Retail Store temporarily and using probably a bigger backdoor instead. To note, the front doors are also rather tiny to fit the trees in and are more catered for adult-size humans to enter and exit the Retail Store.

Work Boards on the Right Side of the Retail Store Removed

Progress has been great and the work boards that used to cover the right side of the Retail Store have since been removed. Previously, work was done on the outer surface of it and machinery had to be placed there whilst works were carried out. It was used to cover the area and keeping out of unauthorized personnel.

Workers can be seen working on the floor tiles and works on that part of the exterior should be completed in no time.

As we are now into April, the Retail Store was rumored for a May 2017 opening date and it is only a month’s away till that date comes.

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