iPad Pro + iOS 11: Can it replace your laptop?

People used to say that the iPad is just a giant iPhone without the phone, but not anymore! There are iPad exclusive features on iOS 11 that make iPad become more like a laptop rather than just a tablet that runs the same OS as the phone, features such as the new dock, the enhanced multi-tasking features like slide over along with split screen and picture-in-picture. Now you can even do drag and drop to and from different windows.


Drag and Drop on iPad Pro running iOS 11

maxresdefaultBefore iOS 11, the iPad Pro was already marketed to be a device that can replace your PC laptop. However there were a lot of things that the iPad Pro lacks when compared to a laptop due the limited capability of previous iOS versions.

When Apple first introduced the 12.9” iPad Pro and it ran iOS 9, like most people, my initial thoughts too were, why wouldn’t Apple put macOS on the iPad Pro which could make it a much more capable device, but now with iOS 11, I think people will begin to understand that better.

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Review: 6 Months with the AirPods


The AirPods was announced back in September 2016, to be part of a wireless accessory for the iPhone, in particular, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which did not come with the headphone jack. It was slated to be release by the end of October, however, it has since been delayed to the end of December 2016.

With adverse response when it was announced, however, when Apple starts the sale of the AirPods, the response has been great and shipping times began to increase as the hour passes from shipping within a few days to a few weeks, till 6 weeks.

Even though after 6 months, AirPods still ships at 6 weeks and manufacturing of the AirPods seems to be difficult than expected, and its comparable to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black colour with 2 months of a wait which the supply can’t keep up with the demand. 

Fast forwarding to June 2017, the AirPods has been around for about 6 months and its time for a review on its performance card.

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TTAR #01: 3D Touch Trackpad

IMG_8659In this day and age, the iPhone is probably the only computer that some only own. People can create posts and articles on their iPhone for their blog or website, or even noting down key points for a speech. That would mean lots of typing involved. 

If you belong to another group of people that uses these devices for connecting and communicating with people in your social circle, that would mean lots of typing of messages and replies too.

Although there is auto-correction however some words like a person’s name or a name of a place might not get corrected. We may sometimes misspell words and in the past, sometimes the only way is to delete the letters at the back though the mistake is at the start of the word or highlight the word and deleting them. 


With 3D Touch Trackpad, you can now move the cursor to the exact location of the letter in a word, backspace and type the word. This does not occur only in words but also in sentences. You can 3D Touch from any move around the sentence or paragraph and even get into the exact letter of the word in a paragraph or sentence.

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Introducing a New Segment: This Week’s Tips, Tricks & App Review (TTAR)


This Week’s Tips, Tricks & App Review or TTAR segment is aimed at giving our readers a better experience with their iOS and/or macOS devices. In every new software updates or upgrades or in new iOS devices, there are new features introduced but often it does not get discovered.

With every article we post every week, starting this Friday, 16 June 2017, we aim to provide either Tips, Tricks or App Reviews for our readers and users to better understand their iPhone, iPad and Mac devices with our content.

The apps that we review and recommended are not being sponsored by the developer & companies. These apps are chosen based on its functionality and should those apps are being sponsored, we will indicate them in the article. 

WWDC17 – What’s New in iOS 11?

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 16.06.17

WWDC, the annual World Wide Developer’s Conference which features new software and hardware. Apple has announced: iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4, and some new and updated hardware for the Mac and iPad.

Let’s take a look at what is new in iOS 11:

iOS 11 

iOS 11 focuses a lot on productivity in the operating system, new features and some design changes. When installed iOS 11 on the iPad, it makes productivity on a tablet with a desktop experience but all still within the iOS that still feels similar (if you have used iOS before) comparing to the competition with the Microsoft Surface.

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